Aircraft Ferrying

A worldwide cost effective & efficient aircraft movement service

A world-class aircraft movement service.

Buying an aircraft is just the start of the journey. Getting it to your home airport from the purchase location is equally as important. We provide a worldwide ferry service.

Global Specialists

We have experience transporting aircraft all across the world.

Specialist Ferry Pilots

Our pilots are specialist in moving planes across the world and large bodies of water.

GPS Global Monitoring

You can track your aircraft in detail using our app with in-depth reporting after each flight.

Share The Experience

Want to accompany your aircraft? In most cases we can accommodate this and also ensure the ferry pilot is licensed to instruct/mentor.

Affordable & Professional Global Ferry Services.

For Piston, Turboprop, Very Light Jets & Helicopters.

Aircraft Ferrying that doesn’t cost the earth

Due to our directly hired ferry pilots, use of technology and low overheads we aim to offer a world-class service for an affordable price.

Dealing With The Largest Brands

Our team are experienced with the leading aviation brands*

*Pivotal Aviation is completely independent and has no affiliation or makes no commission from any aircraft brand.