Aircraft Management

A complete management service for aircraft owners.

We take the stress away from owning an aircraft

We know you purchased your aircraft to enjoy the freedom private aviation brings and not to worry about regulatory compliance, maintenance schedules and database updates ! Management for large jets is commonplace. We bring the same service to Pistons, Turboprops and Very Light Jets for an affordable monthly cost.

Save Time

Aircrafts are sadly complex machines that need regular checks, updates and maintenance. We manage this for you.

Stay Legal

We ensure your paperwork remains up to date and legal and items like monthly database updates are completed.


We install a clever device in your aircraft to track maintenance, flights and flag any issues that need reviewing.

24/7 Support

We become your one stop shop for anything to do with your aircraft and any support you may need.

Personal & Affordable Aircraft Management

For Piston, Turboprop, Very Light Jets & Helicopters.

Complete Peace of Mind

We provide an affordable monthly service that is bespoke to your aircraft that takes away the stress and mundane tasks associated with aviation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small team of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Why use an aircraft management service?

Quite simply it comes down to time and comfort. Aircraft management is common place for big jets and not so wildly offered for pilot operated smaller aircraft. Our service is very much designed to take away all the small mundane and time consuming tasks in return for an affordable monthly fee, therefore freeing you up to simply enjoy flying the aircraft.

How much does the service cost?

We will provide a bespoke proposal based on your needs and estimated flying hours per year. Our service starts from £300 per month. Our prices are always fixed and transparent.

What areas do you cover?

We manage aircraft based. in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

What does the electronic monitoring involve?

It is a device that connects to most modern avionics and provides a download of your avionics data over 4G. The device acts as a tech log, manages maintenance schedules and alerts us to data outside set tolerances. You will also receive an app for direct access to this data.

I like to fly my plane for maintenance can you still help?

Absolutely. We can either remove this service completely or simply support with certain trips whilst you are away. Sometimes it simply involves picking you up or dropping you off at the maintenance facility.

Dealing With The Largest Brands

Our team are experienced with the leading aviation brands*

*Pivotal Aviation is completely independent and has no affiliation or makes no commission from any aircraft brand.

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