Aircraft Sales

A personal, affordable & customer focused aircraft sales service.

A modern approach to aircraft sales

Aviation Focussed

We love the joy of aviation as much as you ! We will be at your side throughout the whole process and beyond

Modern Methods

We utilise the latest technology to feature your aircraft. From 3D tours to modern social media content.

Fair & Clear Pricing

We operate on a fair and transparent pricing structure starting from 2%, agreed upfront with no hidden extras or surprises.

Outstanding Service

A complete focus on customer service, communication & transparency for the seller and buyer

Our Proven Process.

We provide a professional & modern service with outstanding service.

Market Valuation

Brokerage Agreement

Global Listing

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Negotiations & Sale

Closing & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small team of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Can I sell an aircraft myself?

In theory there is nothing stopping you listing an aircraft and managing the transaction yourself. However there are many complications and regulatory requirements involved in brokering an aircraft, ensuring the correct agreements, paperwork and checks are completed are crucial and that’s why using an experienced broker is always recommended. The added value both in terms of service and usually in what we can achieve price wise for an aircraft far out ways the commission you will pay.

Can you store my aircraft for me whilst brokering it?

Yes absolutely. If you’d rather have a completely hands off approach or your storage lease has expired we can collect the aircraft and store it at our hangers either at Birmingham Airport or Wolverhampton Airport. We also have arrangements with other airports around the world.

We will advise you if we feel its beneficial to move your aircraft to a stronger market to get you the best price.

Should I let people fly and inspect my plane without leaving a deposit?

Allowing people to have a flight in an aircraft they are interested in is very much a decision for the owner. At the very least the cost of this should be covered by the interested buyer.

You certainly shouldn’t allow any formal test flights or pre-purchase inspections until there is a structured sales agreement and deposit in place.

We aim to qualify each potential buyer before introducing them to the aircraft.

How do you reach a valuation for my aircraft?

Aircraft valuation involves a methodical look at the worldwide market using tools such as the Aircraft Blue Book and looking at all other aircraft listed and recently sold.

We then take a look at your aircraft age, hours, spec and maintenance history to advise a valuation.

We will also work with you to advise how to best maximise your aircraft value.

Why should I use Pivotal to broker my aircraft?

There are a few aircraft brokers in the UK. Quite simply our ethos is to treat your plane like we were selling our own. It’s customer service first, commission second. We deal with you on a personal basis to guide you through the entire process. We aim to be a one stop shop for all requirements.

Dealing With The Largest Brands

Our team are experienced with the leading aviation brands*

*Pivotal Aviation is completely independent and has no affiliation or makes no commission from any aircraft brand.